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HOME//ブログ//★原田成志の『How to save yourself』(『私を救うイメージセラピー』kindle 英語版)が、新しい表紙になりました。


★原田成志の『How to save yourself』(『私を救うイメージセラピー』kindle 英語版)が、新しい表紙になりました。

☀『How to save yourself』(『私を救うイメージセラピー』原田成志のkindle 英語版)、新しい表紙で買えるようになりました。
☀クリックしてみてくださいね。(🌎近日中に、日本語版 も刊行予定)。


🔹精神分析と 現代知られるいくつもの心理療法の繋(つな)ぎ目である「ゲシュタルト療法」がベースです。NLPは、ゲシュタルト療法の一部を応用したものになります。効果を完全なものにするには、情動部分を丁寧に扱うゲシュタルト療法が不可欠です。



1.Stop hindering yourself
2.What happens if problems are solved
3.Remembering the most joyous times
4.Unhappiness is always hidden
5.Walls in the heart
6.The depths of the wounds of the heart
7.Opening the door to the heart
8.Money is not everything
9.Comparing your connections to something
10.Comparing yourself with a dish of food
11.Childhood treasures
12.Troubles like fairy tales
13.People we want to be close to
14.On guilt
15.Ecstasy here and now
16.If there were not any limits
17.Things you want to do, but can’t
18.Rage energy
19.Family taboos
20.What to compare life to
21.If you were reincarnated
22.What are you expecting
23.Bullying yourself
24.Touching the source of power
25.The final step
26.Scary things
27.Wanting recognition
29.Things you want to keep secret
30.A rough sketch of your heart
31.Things with value
33.Your limits
34.Even if you eat and eat
35.Both ways
36.Avoiding things
37.People free of incompetence
39.There is no safe life
41.Unforgivable things
42.Exceeding roles
43.What you dislike most about yourself
44.Success for you
45. Dislikeable people
46. Arousing change here and now
47. How to choose

... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
This book is composed of the contents of lectures over 3 years on the topic “I like the way I am.” Please read the pages in areas that concern you or where you would like to read. Find out how you can feel happy when you are worried or feel depressed simply by reading this book. It’s fine just to glance at the pages when you are tired. While you read, something will ring within your heart, something will sink within your stomach, and you will feel something rising within you. Feel these feelings as you experience them. Before long, a natural, warm energy will spring forth from your heart.

1.Stop hindering yourself イメージワーク(1)

Generally speaking when someone is worried or has a problem, they hinder themselves. If you are able to become aware of how you are hindering yourself, you can stop hindering yourself. Drawing a picture of a problem that you are facing is a very good way to do this. Don’t draw a picture that concretely shows who you dislike or what you can’t do. Draw a picture that shows the feeling that the worry or problem gives you. Show the feeling of the worry with its color, shape, and heaviness. Draw a picture that shows how it feels. When people come to consult with me, I give them crayons and drawing paper and have them draw. Drawing a picture of your feelings when you are troubled often makes you able to notice a solution. It is easy with crayons and drawing paper, but don’t make your picture too detailed. Return to your childhood and draw a picture as you like.

2.What happens if problems are solved(イメージワーク2)

When we have problems, we usually don’t think about what will happen when our problems are solved. That is because we are sunk deep in our problems. Think about what will happen if your problem is solved. This is a big step toward solving the problem. If it is solved will all your problems go away, or are there also reasons why it better to worry about your problem? An answer that seems like a lie is fine as is an answer that seems like something you just made up. Imagine how you will be if you solve your problem and how the people around you will be. You didn’t think such something so easy would be so effective. You are surprised, aren’t you?